Need Something To Do Wednesday?


Time travel has intrigued people for years—Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd's 1980s journeys through time are iconic, despite Fox's puffy vest/bad sneaker combo.

While you can't hop in a DeLorean and jump back a few years, you can head back to the days of petroglyphs today in an archeological day trip at Celebration Park in Melba. Staff will lead a tour of the petroglyphs and explain the prehistory of the area, and you can visit the historic Guffy Bridge and enjoy a picnic lunch in the first-day-of-summer sun. Staff will also teach you how to throw an atlatl, which is a sort of spear launcher. Just don't try to use your newfound skills at a game of darts in a bar.

Leave the flip-flops and high-heels at home and bring sturdy shoes for this adventure. The $15 fee for the day trip includes lunch. Find more information here.