Red Fang Takes a Bite Out of Neurolux


Red Fang guitarist onstage Bryan Giles at Neurolux.
  • Josh Gross
  • Red Fang guitarist Bryan Giles onstage at Neurolux on June 12.

Metal ain't easy. You have to want it enough to appreciate the pain it can bring. But Red Fang made it easy for Boiseans.

The Portland, Ore., band tore through a set of giant overdriven riffs and thundering drums at Neurolux on June 12, to the collected glee of Boise's metalosexual community.

But what makes Red Fang stand out is that its songs are not sonic walls of wailing and distortion so much as they are pop tunes infused with a nearly supernatural intensity. There are riffs, melodies and hooks, all parsed out enough that both the musicality and the brutality can shine, almost like a metal version of power pop: Iron Maiden meets Cheap Trick.

There are obvious comparisons to bands like Mastodon, even Black Sabbath, but in the end, it's just Red f@#$ing Fang.

And the crowd knew it. To quote Wesley Willis: "The crowd roared like a lion."

"Thanks for the feedback," said guitar player Bryan Giles. "From my AMP." And the band tore into another track.

After closing with its turbo-charged, super-'70s tune "Prehistoric Dog," the band tried to leave. But again, the audience roared until the band gave an epic encore.

Hope you enjoyed the small show Boise. This is a band going places, and methinks you shant get the opportunity to see Red Fang in a Neurolux-sized club again.