Exergy Tour: Rain Clouds and Injury Cast Shadow Over Day Two


Cold, slick conditions define Fridays Exergy Tour

More than one cloud hovers over today's Exergy Tour competition—officially dubbed "Stage 1" of the five-day women's cycling showcase. A steady, cold rain greeted 116 riders from seven countries as they descended on downtown Nampa this morning.

But the competitors are also thinking of one of their own: Kristin Armstrong, who was scheduled for surgery this morning after fracturing her mid-shaft clavicle during a crash on the May 24 Prologue race in Boise. Armstrong's team, Exergy Twenty12, released a statement overnight indicating that "a swift recovery is expected and [Armstrong] plans to be back on her trainer within a few days to continue her pursuit of another Olympic gold medal."

Before the day is over, the ladies will race nearly 77 miles, past Lake Lowell, along the Snake River, into the mountains and through Canyon County's hills and canyons.

Cobweb got a chance to catch up with the Sengers Ladies Cycling Team from Belgium, comprised of a mix of experienced riders and a couple of tour rookies, including 19-year-old Celine Vanseveren.

The Sengers Ladies Cycling Team from Belgium.

An army of volunteers, law enforcement and race officials are fanned out across Nampa for today's race, which is expected to take more than three hours.