Need Something To Do Monday?



Sure, green lawns and tulips are pretty, but after a while, looking at the same old outdoor landscape design can become a bit like that Bob Marley poster you've been using to fill wall space since college—it gets a little dull. Variety is the alleged spice of life, and today, the folks at the Idaho Botanical Garden want to help you add some pepper to your existence—well, at least to your garden.

The IBG's adult education series continues its spring 2012 classes today with Design Your Garden for Four Season Interest. The workshop will feature tips on how to plot out landscaping for every season, selecting the right plants—foliage, blooms and evergreens—to keep it fresh. You won't miss those gray winter days and stark outdoor spaces when you have something lush and lovely to look at.

Terry Sims, award-winning landscape designer and the woman behind The Garden Artist, will give you all the green deets, and disperse handouts, so you won't forget a thing.

The class starts at 7 p.m. and costs $15, or $10 for IBG members. The class meets at the garden's cottage. To register, call 208-343-8649. Visit the garden's website for a full schedule of classes.