25 Days of Treefort: Lost Lander



Loop the beginning of Lost Lander’s “Cold Feet” and set up the DIY planetarium kit that comes with the band's new album, DRRT. Then lose yourself in the Sigur Ros-meets-Fleet Foxes sound that washes over you.

Lost Lander is a collaboration between Matt Sheehy and Menomena’s Brent Knopf, who helped with production on the band's 11-song album, DRRT.

The record honors that which we both revere yet neglect—dirt is both the mud on our shoes and the place from which our food and fortunes grow. Lost Lander gleans inspiration from nature with lines like, “There was no sound 'til the rain came down,” on the song “Dig (How It Feels to Lay in the Soft Light)."

Lost Lander's Portland, Ore.-grown sound doesn’t rub like a city sound. When Sheehy sings, “Too much information / I’ve got to turn it off” on "Cold Feet," he captures the sentiment of these over-connected times. DRRT is an album for a coastal cruise.

You can catch Lost Lander at Treefort Music Fest on Sunday, March 25, at the Linen Building from 5-5:40 p.m.

[ Video is no longer available. ]