25 Days of Treefort: Woodsman



Denver-based psych quartet Woodsman has two drummers and two guitarists, which creates a sound that would fit perfectly in a late '60s acid trip. The songs usually start from a place of calm meditation, and then bubble up into lines of weaving, heady guitar with sturdy tribal drum rhythms that catapult the three-dimensional tapestries forward.

It’s often unclear whether the band is following a template or just letting the music flow out of them naturally. Occasionally, the songs meander, leaving the listener feeling lost, but more commonly, they build into trance-inducing psychedelic sections of blipping electronic noises, shamanistic drum beats and spiraling guitars. Think Animal Collective circa 2003-2005, but with more nature and less big city.

Woodsman released two records last year, the full-length Rare Forms and the Mystic Places EP. A better introduction to the band, however, is the 2010 record titled Mystery Tape EP. Mystery Tape is an album that you can immerse yourself in, with concise, well-directed songs that showcase the band's strong writing.

Woodsman is playing Treefort Music Fest on Thursday, March 22, at Neurolux from 8-8:40 p.m.

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