Need Something To Do Friday?


Ghosts and Projectors may make you think Scooby Doo, with villains trying to scare a gangly group of cartoon teens into saying things like "zoinks" and "jinkees" via rubber masks, sheets and projection screens.

But today's Ghosts and Projectors reading at Sun Ray Cafe doesn't have anything to do with mystery-solving pooches—it's all about poetry. At 7 p.m., you can listen to the literary stylings of Boise State MFA graduate Merin Tigert and Cathy Park Hong, author of Translating Mo'um and Dance Dance Revolution (no, not the game) and winner of the Pushcart Prize and the Barnard Women Poets Prize.

Megan Williams will host the reading and refreshments will be available for a donation. Check out the Ghosts and Projectors website for more info.