Andrew W.K. is a National Treasure


It almost seems wrong to call Andrew W.K. a musician. The songs ("Party Hard," "We Want Fun") he's known for are somewhat anemic, and are often denigrated as novelty tunes. Since those songs dropped the better part of a decade ago, he's made himself known as a motivational speaker on the philosophy of "partying." There is even a conspiracy that he is an invention, possibly as a front for music recorded by Dave Grohl.

Yet, it is arguable that there isn't anyone else who better embodies the spirit of rock 'n' roll, in all its caustic, frenetic glory. This is a guy who devotes serious thought to how to best write a party anthem.

You can see his thought process in the clip below, from a lecture he gave at SXSW last year. Or you can see how it plays out in his music at any of the four SXSW performances he'll be giving for this year's festival.

Either way, this man is a national treasure.

[ Video is no longer available. ]