Need Something To Do Thursday?


Doesn't it seem a little weird that someone known as "Silent Bob" would have a podcast? Perhaps silent podcasters exist in a weird contradictory world with vegetarian butchers and nudist retail clerks. But somehow, screenwriter, actor, producer and director Kevin Smith—the man behind Silent Bob—has made quite the career out of being a contradiction.

If you're a Clerks/Dogma/Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back fan, today is your day. At 7:30 p.m., Edwards Downtown Stadium 9 and Stadium 22 and IMAX will screen Kevin Smith: Live from Behind, Featuring "Jay and Silent Bob Get Old."

The three-hour, interactive event will feature Smith and Jason Mewes (a.k.a. Bob's counterpart Jay) conducting a session of their podcast Jay and Silent Bob Get Old live from from the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Following the podcast, viewers can interact with Jay and Silent Bob in a live question-and-answer session via social media. Gotta love technology.

Tickets for the one-night-only event are $15 and available at