Boise State Wins A Share of National Title, Right?


After University of Alabama's Monday night thrashing of the Louisiana State University Pussycats in the lamest BCS National Championship game ever played, the Boise State Broncos now hold claim to at least a share of the crystal football, right?

Here's the breakdown:
Boise State dominated nearly all of its competition this season, including one of the most commanding performances of all the bowl games against PAC-12 punching bag Arizona State. The only exception was a fluke 1-point home loss at the hand of an very talented and opportunistic Texas Christian University team.

Alabama not only lost its conference but also its division (to LSU mind you), and yet, still got the invite to a rematch in New Orleans. I guess national championships are buy five, get one free these days (you can't spell 'cronies' without SEC).

Oklahoma State, Alabama, LSU, University of Houston and Boise State all finished the season with one loss.

Strength of schedule is apparently irrelevant because late in the season Alabama's "impenetrable" defense allowed Division II cupcake Georgia Southern University to hang 21 points on them. This is the same defense that shut out what was supposed to be an unstoppable LSU offense.

I'll say this in plain English: Apples to apples, Georgia Southern's offense is demonstrably superior to that of LSU.

Long story short, there is no way the BCS got it even close to right this season. Between Xs and Os, intangibles and politics, I doubt that anyone feels very good about what college football did to itself in 2011-12.

It's only fair to consider that there is—functionally and legitimately—a five-way tie for the national championship. All hype and ESPN-SEC bias aside, it would be foolish for us as thoughtful and logical human beings to view it any other way.

Congrats Broncos, Elephants, Tigers, Cowboys and Cougars. Another thankless trip to the zoo is in the bag, and as far as I can tell we didn't learn a thing.