Boise Band Low-Fi Goes On An Indefinite Hiatus


Local rockers low-fi were high class in our book. But it looks like all that lessened fidelity of theirs is going into cold storage. The band announced an "indefinite hiatus" on its Facebook page yesterday.

Hey folks, this is a tough announcement to make ... We've had a great run and have really appreciated all the love and support shown to us over these last 4+ years! As of today low-fi will be going on an indefinite hiatus. All of our upcoming tour dates have been canceled but we will have one final free show in Boise at Tom Grainy's on Jan. 20th. Once again, thanks so much for the support everybody!! Keep your eyes and ears open for new musical endeavors from each of us. ~ Thx Todd

Though it says "hiatus," it's hard for fans to hear anything other than "break up." Fare thee well Low-Fi. Your power-trio, '90s-style alt-rock shall be missed.

[ Video is no longer available. ]