Ignite Boise Announces Speakers



From the Zen of Innovation to the pros and cons of the Hawaiian shirt, it looks like IB7 will deliver its audience another fine night of mini-presos on topics that are sometimes wacky, sometimes poignant, sometimes nerdy and almost always totally entertaining.

The inventor of the Furby, Caleb Chung—who also invented a toy called Pleo and lives in the Treasure Valley—is top on the list of upcoming presenters for the Thursday, Oct. 27, event. According to his pitch, "if you blend art and science, you get innovation," and he's proposing to start innovating "right here and now."

Nik Bjurstrom's "Beards: A Time of Need" smacks of IB6 presenter Randy Simon's "Razor Burned," which probed just how necessary shaving is. Bjurstrom promises to turn his attention specifically to cultural perceptions of facial fur and ask what can be done to "revive the once majestic beard."

"The Subtle Art of Winging It" could be pure genius or pure pain, depending on the skills of presenter Daniel Johnston. He will create only the first four slides of his presentation to explain that the remaining 16 slides were created by friends. He'll have no idea what's on the slides. Let's hope one of them isn't his wife/girlfriend/boyfriend banging his best friend/sister/dog/breakfast.

Writer Aaron Patterson will opine on the e-book, Kurtis D. Leatham delivers a birds-and-bees speech for his two teenage daughters, and Justin Boggs will examine the karma surrounding the burrito. But that's not all. For a full list of speakers, visit igniteboise.com to see what you're in for.

Thursday, Oct. 27. Doors open at 6 p.m. for ticket holders (tickets are sold out). At 6:30 p.m., the masses will be allowed to enter to scramble for seats. Admission is free.