See Seattle's Cataldo Throw Punches Tonight at VAC



Cataldo is the perfect scramble of your iPod’s old-school, emo, guilty pleasures—New Amsterdams, Death Cab for Cutie, Pedro the Lion—and your current Pacific Northwest, indie folk faves—Laura Veirs, The Decemberists, Hey Marseilles.

Fronted by Eric Anderson, Seattle-based Cataldo recently released its third full-length recording, Prision Boxing. The album was mixed by Decemberists producer Tucker Martine and features guest appearances from Veirs and members of Hey Marseilles.

According to Cataldo’s website, the record is a break-up album at its core:

This record is, as many are, about a relationship ending. Prison Boxing. Feeling trapped, inescapably someone’s opponent while also their comrade. Though, really, that’s more prologue than preoccupation, more a setting for the real drama: a reckoning of what you are when you’re alone.

“Rock of Calvary,” the first single from Prison Boxing, combines Para Toda Vida-era Matt Pryor with a dash of Death Cab and all the banjo-strumming, horn-tooting literate musings of The Decemberists.

“There’s always a fallout / a sometimes subtle shift / of light pouring through an orange sky / the same general objects a tiny bit different,” sings Anderson.

You can check out Cataldo, along with You Me and Apollo, A Seasonal Disguise and Sleepy Seeds tonight at the Visual Arts Collective as a part of its Uber Tuesday series.

And you know what’s better than a trip down memory lane? A free trip down memory lane with beer and food along the way. Cover is free and $3 Payette brews, $2 PBR tallboys and sloppy grub from Archie's Place will be available.