Scarf Gourmet Burgers While Getting Your Blood Pressure Checked



Like ordering a KFC Double Down and a Diet Coke or lighting up a smoke after hitting the gym, burger competitions and blood pressure checks go hand in hand.

Don't believe us? Head over to the Top Shelf Burger Competition today at 4 p.m. at Lady Bird Park on Chinden Boulevard and Glenwood Street to watch six amateur teams attempt to assemble the best gourmet burger. For $10, you can sample the burgers and vote for the People's Choice Award. After you scarf down some fried spuds from Boise Fry Co., make sure to waddle over to the arm cuff for a free blood pressure check.

The Top Shelf Burger Competition supports the Garden City Community Clinic, a project of Genesis World Mission "which provides basic medical and dental care through volunteer healthcare professionals to lower-income uninsured people."