Wait Wait ... Don't Miss Paula Poundstone


Comic/panelist/activist/mother/Comedy Hall of Fame-inductee/cat-owner Paula Poundstone is scheduled to perform in Boise at the Egyptian Theatre on Friday, Sept. 23. Tickets are on sale now.

Whether you know her from her stand-up, her books, her appearances on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, her spot as a panelist on NPR's Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me, or as the voice of Brendon's mother Paula Small on the cartoon Home Movies, Poundstone's laconic, spontaneous wit has kept her on top of the comedic ladder since the late '80s.

We had a chance to talk with Poundstone today, and if you have ever seen her stand-up, you have a pretty good idea of how the conversation went. The dozen or so questions we prepared were eschewed for what amounted to the kind of conversation you might have with your favorite, talkative chum. Twenty minutes in her presence isn't nearly enough.

We'll have more on Poundstone in the coming weeks, but first want to share one memorable quote from our chat:

Talking about Oprah's last show (Poundstone brought that up, not us), Poundstone said that Ms. O gave her fawning fans a parting piece of advice: "No matter what you do, do what you love!"

Poundstone thought that was a ridiculous statement. She believes that some people, like herself, get to do what they love, but "they breathe rarefied air."

"If everyone did what they loved, who would pick up Oprah's dogs' shit?" Poundstone asked. "Who would hand me the rental car forms to fill out, walk me out to the parking lot, and then tell me that they made a mistake and they don't have any cars available?"

For more Poundstone, watch this clip from her episode of Bravo TV's Funny Girls (2006):

[ Video is no longer available. ]