Two Days Until Best of Boise Voting Begins


Are you tired of being ignored and taken for granted? Do you feel like no one is actually listening to you or your opinions? Well, brothers and sisters, the day is nearly here when your voices will be heard.

Starting Wednesday, July 20, you will finally get your say when voting for the annual Best of Boise opens. It's your chance to stand up and be counted—or rather sit down and be counted because all voting will be online only.

Log on any time before 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 28, and you can have your say about what and who deserves to be praised as the best the Valley has to offer. And since we know that this is a unique place to live, we want to focus on that uniqueness—only votes for locally owned and operated businesses will be counted.

Are you a business or individual who feels you deserve to top this year's list? Well, here's your official notice to start rallying your supporters. It's time to start getting out the vote, because if Best of Boise isn't a popularity contest, we don't know what it is.

The results of this year's vote will be published in the Sept. 28 Readers Choice edition of Boise Weekly, but to get you primed for the big reveal, we'll publish the slightly more irreverent Staff Picks edition one week earlier, on Sept. 21.

Use this link starting on Wednesday, July 20, to reach the online ballot.