Food Writers Wanted



We all gotta eat. But some of us go to blows over the last bite of a chocolate souffle or get all screamy when a grocery store labels fresh fennel “anise.”

Maybe you saw Julie and Julia and started a food blog. Or perhaps you scroll through food porn sites like Foodgawker or Tastespotting all day, fantasizing about what you’ll make for dinner.

If you have an aversion to tiresome adjectives like “delicious” or “flavorful” and are cool with pimping your prose out for minimal pay, Boise Weekly wants you to write for our newly jazzed-up food section.

We’re currently seeking freelance food writers to write on a variety of topics, including trends, reviews and non-lame personal food essays.

Think you got what it takes? Send an e-mail at briefly explaining your interest/background in food/food writing along with a 400-word article on your most significant/devastating/mind-melting food experience.