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Swix wax should I use?
  • Swix wax should I use?

Any cross-country skier worth his skis can tell you that the fastest, fittest, most technically-savvy schusser who stands on the starting line does not necessarily win the race. The most crucial thing about nordic skiing is the wax. Not only do you have to pick the right wax for the snow conditions and temperature, but you also have to apply it correctly.

Wanna-be expert waxers, you're in luck. On Thursday, Dec. 16, World Cycle & X.C. Ski is hosting a free skate ski wax clinic at the shop at 6:30 pm. While figuring out whether to use high-fluorocarbon Toko red wax or low-fluorocarbon Swix green wax often comes down to a lucky guess, you might as well eliminate any other guesswork by honing your application technique.

Since I'm definitely not the fittest or the fastest skier out there, I'll be at the wax clinic tomorrow night, looking for all of the free speed I can get.