Trey McIntrye Project on PBS Tonight


We love Boise because ... it doesnt have any giant beavers on wheels!
  • "We love Boise because ... it doesn't have any giant beavers on wheels!"
Just when you think he's won every award and accolade, Trey McIntyre goes and does something else that garners him some serious national—and international—attention.

On the heels of being awarded the prestigious Wynn Fellowship and $50,000 from the United States Artists organization, McIntyre will be on television tonight.

At 6 p.m. tonight on PBS' NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, viewers will hear why McIntyre and TMP are happy to call Boise home, and get a rare look at the artistic director's creation process. He invited PBS cameras to capture what that looks like as it leaves McIntyre's head and is interpreted by TMP dancers—in this case, Brett Perry and Ashley Werhun.

They also followed McIntyre as he stood behind his own camera—a skill that is quickly becoming an important tool in his artistic arsenal—and filmed dancer AlanaIlana Goldman performing in a royal blue formal gown ... and a few feet of snow.

Mayor Dave Bieter, who named TMP Boise's First Cultural Ambassador, will also speak on the show about Boise's relationship with the dance company.

On top of that, the Wall Street Journal reported today that the Brooklyn Academy of Music "has been tapped to produce the first official year of DanceMotion USA, a cultural diplomacy project."

In conjunction with the State Department, The Brooklyn Academy chose eight dance companies to represent the United States in this cultural exchange program that will take American dance to the Congo, Mozambique, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Jordan and more. Guess what? TMP was one of the companies chosen and will visit China, the Philippines, South Korea and Vietnam.