Musical Chairs with Musical Venues: The Red Room to Take Over Terrapin Station


The drinking and musical shape of downtown is in for some changes in November, when The Red Room at, Sixth and Main packs up shop and moves into the now vacant space Terrapin Station used to occupy on the west end of downtown at 16th and Main.

The new space will still feature live music, but music promoter Justin Cantrell will be splitting his time between The Red Room and his new 3,000 square foot yet-to-be-named all-ages venue/skatepark/arcade/Foot-Clan-warehouse-from-the-TMNT-movie on Tenth and Miller (near the Knitting Factory).

"We weren't even looking to move, but when Terrapin came [available] with the emerging linen district, it just made sense," says Mitch Thompson, co-owner of The Red Room. "It's just so rich with musical heritage in that space, it's a great opportunity."

Despite the deliciousness of The Red Room's tempura fried bacon appetizers and gravy doused starch brunches, the new Red Room will drop the kitchen and go booze-only, though Thompson and co-owner Christine Reid are considering having one of their other restaurants, Locavore, cater buffet-style breakfasts so the Betty Ford Recovery Brunch can continue.

Reid and Thompson will also be expanding the new space's front patio area and refinishing the inside and the floors, as well as restoring the old Crazy Horse (a semi-legendary rock venue that originally occupied the space) logo, which his team believes is covered up on the original floor.

The Red Room's last night in its current location will be Halloween night, and will feature live music from Adai, Tears of the Wizard, Feast for Crows, Beautician, Name and Demoni.

If everything goes smoothly with permits and the remodeling, the new Red Room will be open seamlessly on Monday, Nov. 1.

Cantrell will be putting on a preview show in his new space on Wednesday, Oct. 6, featuring the annual reunion of The Adversives as well as Hummingbird of Death, Roofied Resistance and a surprise headliner "from the Massachusetts."