TIFF: Kidman: "I'm very nervous."


Being a few feet from one of the most beautiful women in the world is rather nerve-racking. So why was she so worried?

“I’m responsible for this film,” Nicole Kidman said in a breathy voice. She looked to her fellow actors, director and screenwriter who had accompanied her to a press encounter. But at the end of the day (or the beginning for that matter, because the hour was rather early), Kidman is the producer of Rabbit Hole.


It’s a tough sell. It’s a drama with a capital D. The film explores a young couple’s coping process after losing their 4-year-old son to a tragedy. Rabbit Hole is based on a Broadway play which snagged the 2007 Pulitzer Prize.

There is some humor in the movie, but not much. During the world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, I was surrounded by crying audience members, with some outright sobbing. It’s a tough slog.

At the post-screening press conference, Kidman was more than a bit tentative. It’s her first time representing a film as a producer at an international festival.

“I’m feeling very exposed and very nervous,” Kidman half-whispered.