Matt Bodett to Discuss Work at the Linen Gallery Tuesday



Vintage-inspired prints covered with light washes of white paint and heavy-handed scribbling hang upon the brick walls of The Gallery at the Linen Building. All of these works, created by local artist Matt Bodett, are part of his solo exhibit “To Be Lost If It Must be So.” Bodett will be at The Gallery Tuesday, Aug. 10 at 5:30 p.m. to discuss works from the exhibit, which focus on his journey towards self-discovery.

Bodett, who was born in Eastern Idaho, suffers from Schizo-Affective disorder. Many of his pieces deal with the struggles of suffering from a mental illness, and he hopes that his work opens up a dialogue on the treatment of the mentally ill. As a Masters of Fine Arts student at Boise State, Bodett is gaining experience in a variety of mediums, but many of his most recent works are created using printmaking techniques. This fall, he will teach a printmaking workshop at the Boise Art Museum.

Guests at tomorrow evening's dialogue will also be treated to an interactive project Bodett designed specifically for the night.