Deals On Meals


An article in this morning's Wall Street Journal suggests that, "restaurants are struggling to wean consumers from the steady diet of deals they have offered in recent years," because national unemployment rates remain high and the food service industry is trying to bounce back from economic shortfalls.

Being both a tightwad and a foodie, I'd normally be bummed to hear this news. However, a recent personal coup in restaurant-o-nomics keeps me confident that I and like-minded Boise consumers won't have to worry about scoring deals on our meals.

For Father's Day, I had promised my dad I'd treat him to dinner at one of our favorite local Italian restaurants, Asiago's. Just five minutes before leaving the house to pick him up, I logged on to, wondering if there was a bargain to be had. Lo and behold, by simply entering the one-day promotional code "FATHER," I was able to purchase a $25 gift certificate to Asiago's for 70 percent off the regular retail price of $10. Quick math even my verbal brain can compute: $3 investment for $25 gift certificate equals $22 of free money. Or free food, depending on how you look at it.

At any rate, the Father's Day pasta con pollo and Tommasi Toscana red wine was delicious, and the service was spectacular.

The only diet I'm sticking to is the diet of deals.