I Mustache You What You Think of My Bristles


Has anyone besides me noticed that a number of Boise firefighters need to wash their faces?

Or wait. Maybe the dirt on their upper lips is actually six-day stubble. The same guys who prided themselves on their appearance enough to produce a beefcake calendar are now spending the month of May growing mustaches as part of a fundraiser for the Idaho Fallen Firefighter Memorial foundation. Participants in the second annual Mustache Ride pledged clean-shaven status on April 29, paid $30 and entered a month-long mustache-growing contest which will culminate in a bike ride and celebratory beverages following mustache-judging on Saturday, May 29.

The event is open to the public, and although the regular entry deadline has passed, those heroes whose super power is super-fast growing facial hair may still participate. A fee of $40 will get you in, and you'll get a commemorative T-shirt and plastic beer mug. Women are encouraged to join the fun, although they're expected to wear a fake mustache (even though some of us spend several minutes each day trying to eradicate facial hair).

Mustache Ride 2010 even has a group you can "like" on Facebook. But be advised: if you click "like," your wall will inform everyone that you are "attending Mustache Ride 2010," which may bring a few chuckles and sideways smiles from your Facebook "friends."

While some guys need Miracle-Gro, others are already sporting baby caterpillars. But it's not really about the contest. It's about fundraising. So even if you don't want to sculpt your own Fu Manchu or have handlebars on your mug as well as your bike, consider joining the Mustache Ride for fallen firefighters.

For more information, call the Idaho Fallen Firefighter Memorial at 208-570-6540.