Which Celebrity Has Dumber Fans?


Ever wonder if the folks obsessing over Lady Gaga or rockin’ out to teen heartthrob Justin Bieber are actually victims of head trauma? Well, here’s your chance to find out, thanks to a handy little Web site called Stupid Fight.

The site looks at the last 100 tweets posted by the fans of celebrity tweeters, seeking out several "stupid indicators.”

“Are they using 20 exclamation marks in a row? Do they endlessly use the abbreviation 'OMG'? Do they seem incapable of working out where their shift key is? These indicators have a strong correlation with the message, and its sender, being stupid.”

Go ahead, just put in any two celebrity Twitter fans, and end all speculation.

By the way, it turns out Lady Gaga’s fans are dumber than Justin Bieber’s, although they are all in the category, “Dumb as a Bag of Hammers.”