Do Online Petitions Work? Ask Metallica.



In this week's music feature, writer Patrick Flanary wrote about how producer Bob Rock helped shape 311's new release, Uplifter, an album the band seems quite happy with. Looks like Rock landed squarely on his Chuck Taylors after being ousted from Metallica.

During the era when Metallica was recording St. Anger and filming the Some Kind of Monster doc, Metallica fans created and circulated a petition asking (telling, ordering, insisting, demanding) Rock to sever his ties with Metallica ... forever.

Rock did just that and Metallica brought on legendary producer Rick Rubin to guide them through 2008's Death Magnetic.

Let's face it; Rock was not long with Metallica after St. Anger anyway, but it would be interesting to know if the petition hurried the decision along or if it had any effect whatsoever.

I'm curious to see if something like this would work in other instances:

Dear Van Halen,
We the undersigned are happy to see you stopped trying to replace David Lee Roth. But when things go sour (and they will) and you try to bring in another singer from Extreme, we will petition that the Van Halen name be retired permanently. Sorry, Wolfgang. That goes for you, too.

Dear Aerosmith,
We the undersigned will not turn a deaf ear the next time Steven Tyler says he's quitting the band. Stop toying with us.

Dear Journey,
We the undersigned are still on the fence about Arnel Pineda but will certainly revolt if you continue to put out new albums. We go to your concerts to pump our fists to "Separate Ways" and sway back and forth to "Open Arms."

Dear AC/DC,
You pulled it off. Carry on.