Mayor's Hotline Calls


7/14/07 Richard Rogers 1066 Saratoga Dr. Boise, ID 83706

Budget: I’m calling to make several comments about the city’s proposed budget and to say at the least I am an unhappy taxpayer. I believe my city taxes are going up 18.1% and I think that is ridiculous. I don’t mind a modest increase based on the inflation index or something like this, but this is just unreal. First of all, I have a concern about the selling of the assets; 230 acres, I sell somewhere around $11 million and that figures out $48,000 an acre. That is way less than what most properties are being assessed for in this valley, and I think the city is being ripped off at that rate. I think if the city is going to be selling assets, any money from the sale of those assets should be returned to the taxpayers because initially the taxpayers’ money was used to purchase this asset; it’s only fair. The city’s proposal was to take this money from these assets and then use it to fund new growth in the city, new projects. Once again the city is getting around taking these issues to the citizens for their approval as required by Idaho Code. This is a terrible injustice to the residents of the city. I believe that if you take it to the people and they want, they will fund it. With respect to the White Water Park; we have excellent white water available within an hours drive from the City of Boise. We don’t need such a park here. Other cities around the country don’t have this great white water at such a reasonable distance. It’s a waste of the taxpayer’s money and it should be taken from the budget. With respect to other city park activities, there’s a host of city parks that are platted out and the land just sits there and no money has been put into those. If anything the city should be looking into further development of those parks. Regarding Boise West City Hall Fire and Police Station which recently opened, as I pointed out earlier in an email to City Hall, this is money that should have been approved by the residents of the city. It’s another way of escaping a bond issue. The city set aside money from the taxpayers’ dollars in the budget to fund these facilities. Now they want $2.5 million to furnish this building. Once again the taxpayers need to approve these types of expenditures. I don’t understand what’s going on here. The youth center, $600,000, once again needs to be approved by the taxpayers, not the Mayor and City Council. Additional money for the libraries at two new locations totaling several million dollars; once again you don’t take the money out of one pocket; the residents need to approve these things. The fee increases for dogs; I’m against that as there are no fees for the numerous cats running around in this city and there’s no control on them at all. You need to start putting a license fee on cats and leave the rest of the pets at the existing rate. Let’s get real here; there are more cats out damaging people’s property than any dogs. Regarding airport runways; I’m having a real problem with this concept, spending all this money out there. I don’t doubt the runways need to be repaired to keep up with today’s standards, but if the airport could raise the fees for the parking garages and such, why can’t they just generate the money from the increased fees to handle the cost of improving the runways. The rehab center – once again I have made comments on this subject to the Mayor. You have to have after-care. You’ve got to change their environment; you’ve got to be able to offer them help in reestablishing themselves into the community. If not, most of the people will return to their destructive environment. This is a no-brainer. I guess if you’re going to do rehab, which I’m in favor of, you’ve got to have the after-care. I’m about through here, except I really believe the city is cutting their own throat in the long run on how they handle increases in property tax. The citizens, statewide, are tired of their tax increases being out of control. I would urge the city to develop some caution here, and to have a modest increase of maybe 4-5% instead of the 18.1% that I’m seeing. I also think the city needs to be more up front on showing exactly what the amount of money is being brought in on new growth as compared to what is based upon the existing tax base. Thank you. Action Taken: contacted

7/15/07 Mrs. Logan Lanham 3005 Alamo Rd. Boise, ID 83704 322-6908 This isn’t graffiti, but our front room window was egged last night and I just wondered who we should report this to; there’s been graffiti in the alley down by us. BPD Action Taken: contacted

7/16/07 Jennifer Grimes 1321 N. Gawaine Pl. Boise, ID 83704 401-4618 Half-Way House: My husband and I are calling because of the Oxford type home that’s been placed behind our home. It would be nice to see a meeting between the Mayor and Dennis Mansfield who is setting up these Hope Homes behind our house and across the Boise City area. We, as a neighborhood, have a lot of concerns specifically for our safety, and also how these homes are established, operated, and run. At our last meeting there were quite a few issues and concerns that came into play. I just wanted to call and voice my concerns again, and let you know that we’re still very concerned and would very much appreciate the Mayor’s attention to this matter, whether it be a face-to-face sit down meeting, or a meeting with Dennis Mansfield and the representatives of that particular group. Please do give me a call back, or let me know what the Mayor’s office is intending to do in this matter. PDS

7/16/07 Glenn Miles 1306 N. 26th Boise, ID 83702 Misc: If I were the Mayor, I would not go on the McConaghy Saturday morning program either. When he mentioned Elaine Clegg’s name, he snorted as if he were a pig or was trying to make Elaine Clegg sound as if she were a pig. When he mentioned former Chief of Police Pierce, he referred to him pejoratively; when he was talking about a caller by the name of Hank, he asked if he was going to be a crank Hank. When he referred to Councilman Tibbs, even if he knows him or is his best friend or whatever else, referring to him as if he were a policeman eating donuts most of his time was disrespectful. There’s just a long list of things in which this man was disrespectful to the Mayor, the City Council members, and frankly if I were the Mayor, I wouldn’t go on his program either. Thank you very much. M/CC

7/16/07 Anonymous Graffiti: I’m calling to report graffiti. I’ve done it in the past and you’ve quickly cleaned it up. This is on the corner of 11th and Lemp, right across from the tennis courts at Camels Back in the alley behind the house which is on the corner of 11th St. and Lemp. It’s a cinderblock garage and it has a big splash of graffiti that is becoming prevalent around town. If you could please take care of that, I would greatly appreciate it. Graffiti Team

7/16/07 Addie Haas 1285 N. Astor Pl. Boise, ID 83704 376-4037 Half-Way House: I’m calling about the house across the street, 1286 N. Astor Place. My complaint this morning is, I was going through my records here, and of the 15 houses in this cul-de-sac, five houses have only one person in them, making this overbalanced with 8 people in the house across the street. This is totally unfair; my rights are taken away; I am really upset. This has gone on for a month and a half. Please do something. PDS

7/16/07 Dwight Calloway Park Complaint: A bunch of picnic tables are all crowded on the concrete pads in both Ann Morrison and Julia Davis Parks. This is great for events but that leaves the rest of the people sitting on the wet grass. It’s not right. Sometimes there’s not even an event happening and the tables are just crowded in one spot. We need more tables. I think the park maintenance just remove them from the grass to make mowing easier and then don’t scatter them around again. I have called about this before and it is taken care of for a bit and then it happens again. I will be watching and calling the media if I have to. BPR

7/16/07 Kathleen Anderson 3604 Barberry Dr. Boise Id 83703 336-4318 Graffiti: I went to Catalpa Park this morning and there is graffiti on the north side of the restrooms, the door and a small bit on the west side. Graffiti Team

7/16/07 Anonymous: I think we should license cats. I realize we can’t keep them restrained but many are picked up, fed or euthanized every year. A license fee would help pay for this and take some of the strain off the shelter. M/CC

7/16/07 John Marcotte 345 Bobwhite Ct. Boise, ID 83706 345-2428 Abandoned Property w/ Graffiti: I’m calling about the property on Rossi and Division Streets that used to be a 24 hour fitness. I go by there every day to and from work and it’s really offensive that the city has let this property just deteriorate to the level that it has, complete with the dead landscaping, broken windows and doors, and all of the offensive graffiti on the side, especially the swastikas that are visible on Rossi. It’s just amazing that it has been allowed to get to this level of degradation and I would just like to see the city, the City Council, the Mayor, or someone step up and force the landlord to do something about it or condemn it and take it over and raise it or do whatever needs to be done to it. I would appreciate a call back. Thank you. PDS Graffiti Team

7/16/07 Tiffany Tanner 4115 Patricia Boise, ID 83704 Sex Offenders: I know that Shawn Allen has been placed back in the Ada County jail out of the home at 4025 Patricia Lane in connection with the rape that happened around June 20, 2007 on Maple Grove and Edna. I just wondered if maybe we could speed up the process of not allowing sex offenders to live in the same home together. I wonder how many more things are going to happen to children before the city steps up and does something. I think the kids are more important and action needs to be taken. Thank. M/CC PDS

7/16/07 Lynn Barber 9016 Westwood Haven Ct. ACHD: I live where all the major construction is being done on N. Maple Grove. I have endured this construction for months and they have been very kind and polite to me. I’m voicing my concern that tomorrow I’m going to be without water for eight hours. I have a kindling box of pastures behind my home and I don’t think by looking at the road today at the entrance to my cul-de-sac that a fire truck could even get in here if they wanted to. I just feel like eight hours with no water in this kind of condition is a little ridiculous; I think it can be done more quickly, and if not, do it at another time. I know calling you today, nothing will get done, but I really not happy with ACHD and this work that they’re supposedly doing on Maple Grove. It’s now July 16, 2007 and we’re still under major construction and I don’t see any end in sight. I just wanted you to know, and to pray that there are no fires in our cul-de-sac for the next eight hours tomorrow. M/CC

7/16/07 Jennifer Millet 4643 Patton Pl. Boise, ID 323-8646 Half-Way Houses: I’m really concerned with the number of group homes in the city. These individuals are felons and I understand they’ve lost their civil rights so I’m not sure why we’re protecting them. I’m hoping that the city can put something into place, new ordinances, to stop these group homes from happening, and would like to see that done. PDS

7/16/07 Sherrie Ford 3606 Red Oak Dr. Boise, ID 83703 345-8655 Graffiti: I’m calling to report a case of graffiti at Catalpa Park which is on Catalpa Drive at Sycamore. It got tagged pretty heavily last night; there’s a water box in the northeast corner of the park property that got hit, and the entire back of the bathroom on one side and the front. They also wrote profanity on the sidewalk in front of the water box. We had called police dispatch and they told us to call the graffiti hotline, but I don’t think it would hurt to have some extra patrol in the park tonight. I think they must have been over there quite a while last night doing that. I walk the park every single day, and I did notice some kids that I have not seen in the park before this evening. It looked like they came specifically to look at the graffiti, but I don’t know, that’s just my opinion. I don’t have any proof, but I did think it looked suspicious. I don’t know what it would take to get the Parks Department out there to get that graffiti off there, but they’re going to have to do something or it’s just going to turn into a public nuisance. BPR Action Taken: 7/18/07 cleaned up

7/17/07 Sandy Rogers 866-3943 Graffiti: I’m calling again about some graffiti. You don’t need to call me back, but where Reggie’s Veggies fruit and vegetable stand is on Milwaukee and Ustick, just south of there, there’s a big brick building or utility something or other. There’s graffiti spattered all on the north side of that cinderblock wall right behind Reggie’s Veggies. Graffiti Team

7/17/07 Addie Haas 1285 N. Astor Pl. Boise, ID 376-4037 Half-Way House: Congratulations on appointing Chuck Winder to that position. I thought that was a very courageous move. It will make us all feel better, he’s a good man. Now, back to my problem on 1286 N. Astor Place; when I bought this house in 1999, it was zoned for one family dwelling. Any time the situations change to make it not a one-family dwelling, the neighborhood should be informed. This is wrong, very wrong. I do feel wronged on this and I demand my rights to retain the standard of neighborhood living. Thank you very much. PDS

7/18/07 Merlin Hodge 1301 N. Gawaine Pl. 322-1657 Half-Way House: I’m calling about our North Hampton Subdivision disaster of Mr. Mansfield moving in eight parolees in our neighborhood. I have called you before and I’m calling again to let you know we are still concerned and nothing has been done about it. We were told at our last meeting that only seven people had called your hotline and that bothers me because we feel there have been more people than that. I’m hoping there is something you can do about this. PDS

7/18/07 Jan Petersen 3361 Forsythia Boise, ID 83703 336-2136 BPR: I’m calling to thank the Boise Urban Forestry, Dennis Matlock, for calling me and letting me know they will take care of the tree that is falling down on Forsythia along the ditch bank. They didn’t tell me when, but they’re going to take care of it. I hope it’s done soon enough that we don’t have to worry about somebody getting killed. Thank you. BPR

7/18/07 Jan Petersen 3361 Forsythia Boise, ID 83703 336-2136 BPR: I just talked with Dennis Matlock again and he told me we’re about a month out, he has to put a public notice on that tree on Forsythia and Stonecreek approximately or 33rd. He told me you have one contractor that works for you for tree removal. I wonder if you would consider getting another one as well; apparently there’s a big backlog of trees that need to go due to the Black Bore Locust. BPR

7/18/07 Addie Haas 1285 N. Astor Pl. Boise, ID 376-4037 Half-Way House: Mayor Bieter, I believe you got into politics or in public service to give a voice to people like myself that may not have the words to express my feelings of injustice, such as putting this sober house in a one-family subdivision. I hope I can have a smiling picture of you when this is solved as you were smiling with that Afghan moment on Monday. That was a very heart-warming story; I really appreciated it. Some stories have a good ending. Thank you. M/CC

7/18/07 Shawn Leonard 8111 Queen St. Boise, ID 83704 376-6716 Willow Lane: I’m calling in regards to the Willow Lane Sports Complex. There used to be a fitness course on the south side of the complex along the Greenbelt, and it’s been removed. I would like to know if it’s going to be re-erected. I was told by some Parks employees it wasn’t going to be, and I want to know what can be done to get it put back up. I hope to hear back from you. BPR Action Taken: left msj

7/18/07 Margo 1485 N. Crestmont Dr. Meridian, ID 83642 855-2411 Cell Phone Drivers: I don’t know if this is the correct place to even call to complain about people driving with cell phones. If they are not going to remove these dangerous drivers off the road, can you come up with a class for those of us who have to suffer with their ignorant driving choices, hold-ups, and cutting in front of people? I’m trying not to have a rage-aholic attitude but something needs to be done. There’s got to be something for people like myself that have to suffer because the laws won’t get the cell phones off the road. If you can’t get them off the road for whatever reason, then please offer classes to people who have to deal with it that have issues with it because they’ve almost been hit or seen drivers driven off the road because of it. It’s becoming a very big problem, especially if you live in Meridian like I do. If this is not the right number, please call me and direct me to the appropriate people. I’ve been trying to advocate this for years and it’s getting worse. Thank you. Action Taken: left message

7/19/07 Susan Norton 378-4248 Audubon Society Parks: This is regarding Hyatt Wetlands Park. Meridian is trying to sell a small portion (their portion) of the Hyatt Wetlands Park and the Audubon Society would like the City to buy it. I have sent e-mails to Parks & Rec several time but they just say they’re working on it. I don’t see that anything is being done to raise money. Because it’s zoned commercial, I’m afraid it will get sold to the wrong people when it should stay as part of the wetlands. (this is in City of Boise) BPR Action Taken: contacted her

7/19/07 Jan Petersen 3361 Forsythia Boise, ID 83703 336-2136 Air Quality: Hello Mayor Bieter. Yesterday I reported to you that Dennis Matlock came out to our neighborhood and examined our tree and told me that it contained Black Locust Bore and it was dead. I’ve located another one and it looks like Dennis is right. It looks like there’s an epidemic of this boar in our town making these trees unhealthy and dead. Our view is we have a massive air quality problem and we believe that is probably due not only to our driving habits, etc., but also our unhealthy trees. We’ve noticed that a lot of people in our neighborhood, which is the North End, are no longer watering their trees as they can’t afford the high water bill. May we suggest that the City of Boise buy back from United Water the water rights, making water more affordable so we can take care of our yards and therefore our healthy trees can take care of the ozone layer and we can actually step outside and breathe healthy air again. For your consideration, it might be worth the cost of contractors to take out these dead trees for that purpose and plant brand new ones that are healthy. Thank you for your consideration; we happen to think it’s more important than libraries.

7/19/07 Owen Pipal 2406 S. Roosevelt Boise, ID 83705 343-8004 Ada County: My comments are concerning recycling and the Ada County Landfill. I had some wood that came from a big 12 ft. pallet, which I cut up into 4 ft. sections (25 boards) that I took out to the Ada County Landfill and had them run it through their chippers, because I didn’t want it to go into the landfill itself, and I was charged $6. When I told the lady this was recycled stuff and asked why I have to pay the $6 fee to leave it there, she said that’s what Ada County charges just to walk through the door. I think that’s something to think about on recycling – we encourage people to recycle, yet we charge them when they take the time to go out and put stuff through the recycler. Action Taken: left msj

7/19/07 Joe Moran 1150 Miller St. Apt. 108 Boise, ID 83702 426-8097 Elections: I read the Statesman’s recent article about the debate between Mayor Bieter and Jim Tibbs. This message is for the Mayor and Council. The candidate who gets the detox center up and running in a realistic manner for a fairly large number of people – it’s a public detox center, remember and every American city I’ve lived in has one, Boise is the only one without one – who gets that up and running as soon as possible, no promises, no we’re gonna, I don’t want to hear it. We will do; I want to see it. Then the candidate who improves the city bus system, who actually adds buses – don’t shut down at 7:00 p.m., shut down at 9:00 p.m. – add drivers so you can have double shifts, work them 8 hours a day then add another shift. Take money away from the administration, Fairless is making close to a three figure salary for doing nothing, and put that money into the bus system. The candidate who does that is the candidate that I will vote for, and tens of thousands of Boiseans will vote for. They want an improvement in city services; they don’t want promises, and they don’t want to listen to rhetoric. I’ll leave it at that. M/CC

7/19/07 Addie Haas 1285 N. Astor Pl. Boise, ID 376-4037 Half-Way House: I’m calling about the house at 1286 N. Astor Place, the Sober House, as Mr. Mansfield quotes. It’s a detriment to our community, I don’t feel safe, and I don’t think my voice is being heard. We really are seeking assistance on this matter. Thank you. PDS

7/19/07 Fred Genton 2014 Hillway Dr. Boise 336-1102 Property Tax: I’m concerned when I see the assessment notice for 2007. What is driving the Boise budget that it went up so dramatically on my notice? When I received my notice, I called the number listed for the budget hearing number; the lady who I talked to said she would have someone call me back in about a week. No one has returned my phone call, so again is a non-response. Also, nothing else on my assessment bill went up as much as Boise City, so I would like to know what is driving the 30% increase from last year. Thank you. F&A Action Taken: contacted

7/19/07 Jonathan Wright 191 E. Northridge Ct. Kuna, ID 83634 922-4462 Graffiti Team: I’m calling to report some graffiti that I have seen on Milwaukee Rd. About 100 yards south of Ustick is a cinder block building with graffiti on at least three sides. I know they like to clear those up fairly quickly when it’s reported. Thank you. Graffiti Team

7/20/07 Benjamin Shelley 2823 W. Kathryn St. Boise, ID 83705 371-6514 Misc: I’m calling for several reasons. On the corner of W. Kathryn and Taggert, there’s a street light that has been out for months and months. It was broken with rocks and now a bird has been nesting in it for months and no city employee has ever come to repair it. My grandmother, who also lives on Kathryn, called to report it and the city employee said that it couldn’t be a bird because birds don’t fly at night. It is a bird’s nest, filled with straw that the birds have filled in the remaining half of the lens, and they are living in it. We need your help to have the city works person go out there and repair it. I know it takes time to schedule these things, but once they’re on the schedule, it would take a person about an hour to replace it. The other concern is the house that’s on the corner, which is the southeast corner of W. Kathryn and Taggert, is a rental property that has been leaving cars parked the wrong way, and abandoned for months. They work on them out in the road on Taggert, which is a very narrow street that doesn’t have enough room for cars to pass, let alone with one parked and left to be repaired. The last concern is that directly across from that house, on the north side of Kathryn, there is a house, and I don’t have the street address right now, but there is a huge amount of traffic coming and going in and out of that house. Cars come for 5 or 10 minutes then drive away. Apparently this has been reported to the Boise Bandit Task Force, which I know according to the rules of law they have some strict guidelines and criteria they all need to follow in order to put into effect any kind of attempt to investigate this activity as potentially dangerous and harmful and violate public security and safety. I wanted to leave this message for you folks so you can be aware of this situation in this particular neighborhood. The rental owners apparently have no concern, even at one point when they were contacted by one of my family members, the owner didn’t even care to acknowledge that there was a reason for concern, basically because they live in a different place and collect a check. If the property owner knows there’s illegal activity occurring like this and continues to allow it, then that property owner should be held responsible for it. I appreciate your help. PW PDS BPD Action Taken: contacted

7/20/07 Evelyn Camp Idaho Independent Bank 9th & Jefferson 343-5565 Graffiti: I would like to report some graffiti. Our annex building at the corner of 10th and Jefferson has graffiti on it and it’s on the 10th Street side of the building. We would like to get this painted over as soon as possible, but I’m not sure if the police wanted to take a look at it first. Graffiti Team