Road Rage


If you think driving on Boise’s roads has become a little more risky—you’re right.

The Boise Police Department concluded a special two-week patrol targeting aggressive driving. In just that time, police issued 745 citations as part of the special effort.

The targeted patrols were thanks to a $25,000 grant from the Idaho Transportation Department to pay for several additional patrols each day. Officers were looking for offences ranging from speeding and following too close, to running red lights and failing to yield right-of-way.

Between June 10 and June 23, officers issued 745 aggressive driving citations, including four for drunken driving; 98 citations for non-moving violations including expired registration and no insurance; and seven citations for not buckling up.

“We do know aggressive driving is a major cause of accidents. We hope these patrols helped educate motorists to the dangers they can put themselves and others in when they drive too fast, too close to other cars, or don’t follow signals and signs,” said Officer Eric Simunich of the Boise Police Motors Unit in a prepared statement.

What does this mean Boise? It’s time to put the cell phone down, stop at those pesky red lights and show some courtesy on the roads.