Daily Beast: Hillary Clinton Skeptical of Bergdahl Swap



Maybe it's because she's the presumptive 2016 Democratic nominee for president; maybe it's because she has a book tour that's about to launch. But nonetheless, a report from The Daily Beast this morning that Hillary Clinton is seeking to distance herself from the swap of five Taliban POWs for Idaho native and U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has the White House buzzing.

"She was heavily involved from the beginning. She was very skeptical of the arrangement. She was very wary of it," an unnamed ex-Obama administration official told The Daily Beast. "If we had come to some agreement she perhaps would have backed it, but we never got to that point."

Meanwhile, a friend of Clinton's, Virginia Democratic Rep. Jim Moran, went on the record with The Daily Beast on behalf of Clinton's skepticism.

"She has felt that the Haqani network were really bad guys," said Moran. "She was reluctant to enter into negotiations with them."

Moran also told The Daily Beast that timing may have been the deal-maker in the Bergdahl deal.

"The fact that we are going to be pulling out of Afghanistan shortly meant that the likelihood of retrieving Bergdahl was diminishing," he said. "And once the war in Afghanistan is over, some will argue that we no longer have a legal right to detain the Taliban."

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