Boise Council to Take Up City Code, Geothermal Line and Fireworks On Tuesday


The Boise City Council will face a wide-ranging agenda when it meets this Tuesday, June 25. City officials will consider everything from fireworks to an extension of the city's geothermal line to a full review of Boise City Code.

It's estimated that the city has a code that is approximately 1,705 pages in length and has been maintained in-house for a number of years, but now staff wants to outsource the process of cleaning up the document. How much does editing the actual code cost? About $9 a page. A bid from Coeur d'Alene-based Sterling Codifiers would cost Boise $16,000 for up to 1,800 pages, and then $18 per page for each page exceeding 1,800. Once the project is done, future code changes would cost $21 per page.

If accepted, Sterling will be asked to review existing code and eliminate unnecessary or inaccurate provisions to ensure internal consistency and to correct outdate references.

Also on Tuesday's agenda will be an agreement with the J.R. Simplot Company to extend the city's geothermal line to the currently-under-construction JUMP project. The funding of the project—up to an amount of $175,000—would be credited or repaid in the form of free geothermal water until the balance is repaid or a period of 10 years, whichever comes first.

The City Council will also once again be asked to enter into an agreement with the Journal Broadcasting Group and the Idaho Statesman, with each kicking in $5,000 to fund the Fourth of July fireworks display in Ann Morrison Park. If all goes as scheduled, the park will begin shutting down to traffic on July 3 for the setup.