AP: Phil Hart Loses In Federal Court ... Again


The Internal Revenue Service is one step closer to foreclosing on the home of Phil Hart, the former four-term Idaho House Republican legislator who railed against the federal and state tax systems but was ultimately tossed out of the Statehouse in his own party's primary a year ago.

The Associated Press reports that U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge has ruled that Hart was still the owner of a log home in Idaho's Panhandle and that any attempt to transfer the property into a trust was void.

The AP reports that the court was still trying to work out exactly how much Hart owes in taxes and penalties while he continues to do battle with government prosecutors over exemptions, deductions and tax code interpretations.

Lodge rejected Hart's filing as a "head of household" due to the fact that he had no dependents.

"There is little doubt that four types of penalties and interest payments identified by the United States will be imposed against. Mr. Hart," wrote Lodge.