Star News: McCall Mayor Admits He Didn't Read 'Silly Thing' Before He Voted For Bear-Proof Mandate


The McCall City Council voted April 25 to approve a new citywide mandate on bear-proof trash cans in an effort to curb a problem which Idaho Fish and Game says leads to as many as 100 calls a year from McCall residents complaining about bears.

The Council decided to make the new bear-proof cans mandatory for all residents, but now McCall City Manager Don Bailey says he’s changed his mind.

This morning’s McCall Star News reports that Bailey wants to undo the vote because he didn’t understand the law.

“I didn’t comprehend the impact of it, and I apologize,” said Bailey "It's my fault. I didn't read this silly thing."

Bailey indicated that he wanted a proposed amendment to alter the law, which he'll introduce at the next Council meeting on Thursday, May 23. Bailey said he wants to make bear-proof trash cans mandatory only for subscribers to the city's solid waste provider, Lakeshore Disposal.

The new law is scheduled to take effect Monday, July 1.