Press Tribune: Up Next On Nampa Chopping Block, Teachers


Closing a school, furloughs, outsourcing janitorial services and a voter-approved levy weren't enough to bail the Nampa School District out of its swamp of red ink.

Nine months after school officials admitted to horrible math skills, amounting to a $5.1 million shortfall, and two months after Nampa voters said "yes" to a supplemental levy to help the district crawl out of its fiscal hole, this morning's Idaho Press-Tribune reports that teachers and staff are next up on the chopping block.

School Superintendent Tom Michaelson is expected to recommend to the Nampa School District Board of Trustees, Tuesday, May 14, that approximately 40 teachers and staff should be cut from the payroll. The reduction is expected to save the district about $2 million.

The Press-Tribune reports that the reductions would come chiefly through attrition, retirement and resignation, but "it is possible that some layoffs may be needed."

The cuts would purportedly come from across Nampa's education spectrum, including positions at elementary and secondary schools, counseling, music and physical education. The Press-Tribune reports that Michaelson will also recommend cuts to freshman baseball and softball programs.