Kuna Melba News: Melba Mayor Will Resign


The Mayor of Melba is resigning.

The Kuba Melba News first broke the story May 1 that Doug Sturges, who took office in January 2012, is taking a job as director of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Institute of Religion at the University of Oklahoma.

Sturges said he anticipates his resignation to be presented before the Melba City Council on Monday, May 13. Struges will have served approximately 19 months when his family pulls up its Idaho stakes in mid-July and head for Oklahoma.

The Melba City Council is expected to choose a successor who would serve until November when the post will be put before voters.

The Kuna Melba News wrote that when Sturges rolls into his new Oklahoma digs, he'll "make sure that the Sooners know that a Bronco has come to town." Sturges said he's a proud Boise State grad.