Gallup: 42 Percent of Idahoans Stressed


Idaho could use a chill pill. It's not the least-stressed out state in the nation, but it's 15th.

In fact, the Gallup polling organization asked Idahoans if they experienced stress during much of the day and nearly 42 percent said yes.

The worst of the lot are in West Virginia, where 47 percent said they were regularly stressed-out, followed by Rhode Island (46.3 percent), Kentucky (44.8 percent), Utah (44.6 percent) and Massachusetts (43.4 percent).

The least stressed were in Hawaii, followed by Louisiana, Mississippi, Iowa and Wyoming.

Gallup has measured daily stress since 2008 and Hawaii has ranked with the lowest percentage of residents reporting stress on the prior day all five years.

They study, which took place through much of 2012, included 353,000 Americans and the question was pretty straightforward: "Did you feel stressed during a lot of the day yesterday?"