Reuters: Fast-Moving Idaho Blaze Kills Five


UPDATE: April 14

The Orofino Police Department identified the victims as 39-year-old Rosemary Wooster, 31-year-old Allen West, 17-year-old Trevor Wiley, 13-year-old Zachary Wooster and 13-year-old Colby Stedman. The two 13-year-olds had shared a birthday several days before the fire.


An Orofino fire official called it "the worst tragedy we've ever had in Orofino, fire-wise."

Reuters is reporting that investigators pointed to an overloaded extension cord as the cause of the blaze that swept through an Orofino home, which was not equipped with smoke alarms, killing five.

Orofino Fire Chief Mike Lee said a family of four and a teenage friend were likely asleep and likely died of smoke inhalation as the fire swept through the structure. Lee said the friend had been spending the night as part of a birthday celebration.

Lee added that two veteran Idaho state fire marshals reported they had never investigated a house fire that took as many lives.