Mountain Express: Friedman Airport Officials Still Struggling With FAA Over Runway Space


Officials with Hailey's Friedman Memorial Airport say they're scheduled to sit down with the Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday, April 16 to talk about the airport's much-needed improvements to meet FAA standards.

The Friedman Airport Authority has known for some time that their runway needed to undergo changes to comply with a congressional mandate to accomodate larger planes. For example, aircraft such as the C-III, which is commonly used by Horizon Air, currently flies in and out of Friedman but only under a special agreement.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that airport officials are worried that the FAA may not like their latest plan of separating the runway from taxiways. The FAA requires 400 feet of separation, but Friedman's latest plan calls for only 320 feet of separation. Airport officials said they've been told that the only way the FAA would allow the shorter distance would be if there were no planes anywhere on the taxiway when C-III planes were landing or take off.

"It would slow this airport down to an unacceptable level," said Airport Manager Rick Baird, according to the Mountain Express. "It just doesn't work."