Reported Road Rage With Cyclist Lands Motorist Behind Bars


Zachary Jones, 37, is charged with aggravated assault, DUI, and driving without privileges.

Boise Police locked up a Pocatello man March 31 following a report of a road rage incident involving the suspect behind the wheel of a SUV and a cyclist.

A witness called police to report that the suspect was trying to cut off a cyclist on Overland Road. The cyclist told police that he wasn't injured but he confirmed that the incident began with an exchange of words and hand gestures between the cyclist and the motorist. The incident ended when the suspect allegedly cut in front of the cyclist and then abruptly hit the brakes.

When officers located the driver on Overland Road near Vista Avenue, they said they could smell alcohol and the driver failed several field sobriety tests. A check through City of Boise records indicated the suspect's driver's license was currently suspended. The suspect also faced a previous DUI arrest in 2008.

Zachary Jones, 37, was charged with a felony count of aggravated assault, DUI and driving without privileges.