Observer: Payette County Sheriff Sounding Off About Guns ... Again


Payette County Sheriff Chad Huff returned to a podium March 23 to again speak to his constituents about national efforts to restrict gun ownership.

A bit of a social-media firestorm erupted after BW's Feb. 27 article, "Gunning For a Fight," quoted Huff and three other regional county sheriffs regarding gun control.

"We, as sheriffs, have to decide upon ourselves if laws are unconstitutional," Huff told a gathering of citizens on Feb. 20. Huff was joined by Malheur County, Ore., Sheriff Brian Wolfe, Adams County Sheriff Ryan Zollman and Washington County Sheriff Matt Thomas at the Feb. 20 public event.

This morning's Argus Observer reports that Huff was joined by Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, at a $10-per-person "Patriots Night" on March 23 in Payette.

"We don’t want you messing around with our freedom,” said Pratt. “That’s the message to get to Washington.”