Press-Tribune: Nampa May Shutter Elementary School to Save Money


On Monday, Tom Michaelson, interim superintendent, will recommend to the Nampa School Board the district shutter one of four low-enrollment elementary schools in the Nampa area, according to the Idaho Press-Tribune.

Michaelson told the Press-Tribune that the Financial Recommendation Committee has identified Sunny Ridge Elementary School for closure. The school has nearly 400 enrolled students, who would move to Greenhurst Elementary.

"A letter sent home to parents Friday says that with pending retirements and resignations, the district expects Sunny Ridge teachers will be able to 'follow their students or accept other positions,'" according to the Press-Tribune.

The news comes amid an ongoing budget crisis in the Nampa School District. Voters in the district overwhelmingly voted March 12 to approve a $4.3 million levy to aid the district's budget woes, revealed in 2012, when school board trustees discovered significant accounting errors.