CDC: 'Superbug' Cases On Rise


A new superbug—carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae also known as CRE—is on the increase in the United States, and health officials said today that patients can take a year or more to recover from the disease.

According to a study published this morning in the current issue of the American Journal of Infection Control, CRE is still rare in the United States, but unusual forms of the superbug have been on the rise, requiring the nation's health care providers "to act aggressively to prevent the emergence and spread of these unusual organisms," according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC said the CRE superbug is named for its ability to resist powerful carbapenem antibiotics. Some hospitals are taking extra precautions and testing people for the CRE superbug. Many people infected with it might feel healthy and not realize they are carriers.

“The major concern is that an undiagnosed carrier may be admitted to hospital for totally unrelated reasons, and subsequently and unwittingly pass his CRE to other patients,” a researcher told NBC News.