Police Blotter: Forgery and Parole Violation


Alina Perez-Vasquez, 46, is charged with forgery and grand theft.

Boise Police said some very quick work by employees of a bank on the 4600 block of West State Street Thursday allowed law enforcement to catch a suspect in the act of forgery and grand theft.

The bank had already been made aware of previous fraudulent activity on an account when the suspect entered the bank and attempted to cash a check using the account, which was linked to a Florida customer.

Police rushed to the scene, where they arrested 46-year-old Alina Perez-Vasquez of Las Vegas and charged her with two felony counts of forgery and grand theft.

Kelly Robinett, 42, is charged with meth possession, parole violation and carrying a concealed weapon.

Also overnight, Boise Police said they conducted a search, in conjunction with Idaho Probation and Parole, of a home on the 1000 block of South Capitol Boulevard.

That's where law enforcement said they seized meth and a knife from a suspect's pocket.

Kelly Robinett, 42, of Boise was charged with meth possession, carrying a concealed weapon and parol violation charges.