University of Idaho Hockey Team's Gear Stolen


Spencer Wolfes truck, found near Antoine Peak.
  • U of I hockey player Spencer Wolfe's truck, stolen in the early morning hours of Feb. 2 in Spokane, was found near Antoine Peak later that day.

The Idaho Vandals Club Hockey Team ended up without thousands of dollars worth of gear after a Spokane, Wash., thief made off with a player's truck.

In town to play Washington State University on Feb. 2, in Cheney, Wash., a few members of the University of Idaho team spent the night of Feb. 1 in Spokane. Player Spencer Wolfe allowed four team members to put their gear in his truck before turning in for the night.

Since Wolfe's truck had a keyless entry pad on the driver side door, he put the keys in the car and locked it. During the night, someone broke into the vehicle, found the keys and stole the truck from the parking lot, including the hockey gear.

After the car was used in an attempted robbery, it was found by Spokane sheriff's deputies near Antoine Peak, according to KHQ-TV in Spokane.

In addition to losing thousands of dollars in gear, the team also lost 25 jerseys, all about $100 each. For more information, see