Boise State Limits Parking Near Student Union, Cites Pedestrian Safety


University Drive serves as Boise State University's central throughway, and with new parking restrictions near the Student Union Building, officials hope the road will be safer and more accessible to pedestrians and cars.

At a busy T-intersection, the City of Boise and Ada County Highway District have implemented parking restrictions to increase pedestrian safety for walkers crossing University Drive, and provide access for charter buses and deliveries to the Student Union.

Commercial-only parking zones have been put in place along the north side of University Drive between Lincoln Avenue and Bronco Circle, and on the south side between Lincoln Avenue and the bus stop at Michigan Avenue. Students or visitors cannot park in these areas, and may be ticketed.

Parking remains off adjacent streets and at metered parking nearby, according the university. The change was made to make a safer environment for all visitors to the Student Union, according to Boise State Transportation
Director Casey Jones.

Blue and red areas will no longer have on-street parking for non-commercial use.