Ford's New Year's Resolution: Create Thousands of Jobs, Save Thousands More



This not your father's Detroit. More like your grandfather's.

The Ford Motor Company announced this morning that it will spend more than $773 million to expand its Michigan manufacturing facilities and will create approximately 2,350 new hourly jobs as part of a plan to invest $6.2 billion and add 12,000 new positions by 2015.

Perhaps more importantly, Ford's investment won't be just adding jobs, it will be saving them. USA Today is reporting that approximately 3,240 other jobs at Ford will remain safe.

"Even as we wrap up an incredibly busy year of capacity expansions and product launches, we are continuing to look to the future," said Jim Tetreault, Ford vice president of North America manufacturing. "These investments, many of which are already under way, will ensure our southeast Michigan manufacturing facilities can support our aggressive growth plans."