Mountain Express: Sun Valley Mayor 'Disappointed at Lack of Depth' in His Own Police Department


At the height of controversy that swirled around Sun Valley City Hall in 2011 and early 2012—which included stolen and/or erased government files, resignations by city staff, city employees placed on administrative leave and suits and countersuits filed against and by the city—a break-in occurred at the Sun Valley Fire Station, where payroll records and work-hour documents were stolen or deleted.

A forensic audit was triggered, which unveiled what auditors said was misuse of public funds, firefighters recording more hours than they had worked, and a "severe lack of control" with respect to credit card usage.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that Sun Valley Mayor DeWayne Briscoe wasn't thrilled with the investigation from his own city's law enforcement.

“I was disappointed at the lack of depth of the Police Department investigation of the possible break-in ... and the inadequate follow-up on any clues as to which personnel might have been involved,” Briscoe said. “There has been no follow-up to the investigation by the Police Department.”

But Sun Valley Police Chief Cam Daggett told the Mountain Express that he thought his department did "a thorough job," but considered his work over on the matter when he turned police department reports over to the Idaho Attorney General's Office.

"Our feeling was that by handing the investigation over, our investigation was stopped,” Daggett told the Mountain Express. “We felt someone else was going to be pursuing it.”