Facebook Crime-Fighting Page Nets Thugs in Small Oregon Town


Lief Carrier, 26, is charged with federal charges of weapon possession.
  • Josephine County Jail, Ore.
  • Lief Carrier, 26, faces federal charges of weapon possession.

A southern Oregon man found himself on the business side of a jail cell Tuesday when he was locked up on a federal gun charge. Law enforcement said 26-year-old Lief Carrier of Cave Junction was noticed by police on a crime-fighting Facebook page called To Catch a Thief.

The Associated Press reports that Carol Dickson, a retired sheriff's deputy, began running the Facebook page after the elimination of federal subsidies to timber communities resulted in cutbacks to law enforcement.

But Dickson told the AP that crime in her rural community has "dropped to almost nothing" in the wake of a string of drug and property crime busts triggered by her page.

Federal agents confirmed that investigators took note of a posting on the Facebook page that "mentioned people in the neighborhood noticed suspicious activity" near Carrier's house and that Carrier was armed. Lawmen checked Carrier's criminal records, which indicated drug convictions and previous arrests for theft, and arranged an undercover investigation resulting in his arrest.

Feds seized drugs and weapons when they busted Carrier on Tuesday.