Washington Police Shoot At Man With Lego Gun


Lego gun
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An incident in Kings County, Wash., which began as a 911 call reporting a man waving a gun at motorists, ended with sheriff's deputies firing at the suspect and tackling him to the ground. But when they kicked the "weapon" to the side, they discovered that the gun was made of black Lego blocks and the man was developmentally disabled with a fascination with guns.

The Seattle Times reports that law enforcement had previous encounters with the man, a resident of a nearby group home. But when a deputy spotted the man waving the gun at traffic in the community of Cottage Lake on Nov. 15, the deputy fired at the suspect, but missed hitting him.

The suspect was involuntarily committed for a mental-health evaluation.

"Obviously, it could have been a lot worse," said Kings County Deputy Charlie Akers, "But fortunately, he wasn't hurt."