Video: Fried Turkey? Not If It Goes Horribly Wrong


Boise Fire demonstrates turkey frying donts.

Boise firefighters cooked up a turkey this week, and it didn't go well.

Fire officials were demonstrating how frying up a gobbler can sometimes result in a major fire, or worse. Firefighters don't recommend using gas-fueled turkey fryers, which usually require very high temperatures and a substantial amount of cooking oil. It's not uncommon for the unit to tip over or spillover if a partially frozen turkey is placed into the fryer.

"If that would have been on your deck, your house would probably be on fire," said Boise City Fire Marshal Romeo Gervais, pointing to a parking lot fry-up that looked really dangerous. "If you start to see smoke coming off of your fryer, shut off the gas and walk away."

Making matters worse, said Gervais, are some residents who throw water on a grease fire, causing more oil to spill over or possibly leading to an explosion.