Boise Police Report: One Bambi, One Rutger


It's not every day that you have a police blotter with the names "Bambi" and "Rutger," but here we go:

Bambi Callaway, 34, is charged with misappropriation of identifying information.

Boise Police cuffed 34-year-old Bambi Callaway of Boise after Callaway allegedly used someone else's personal information to secure a personal loan of $400. Callaway is charged with a felony count of misappropriation of identifying information.

Rutger Vehaegh, 21, is charged with burglary.

Kole Pennington, 20, is charged with burglary.

Boise Police also locked up 21-year-old Rutger Vehaegh of Nampa and 20-year-old Kole Pennington, a transient, after clerks at a retail store on the 8300 block of Overland Road said the pair left the store with some DVD movies without paying. The two were charged with burglary.